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Helping Loved Ones Transition to the Next Chapter

Helping Elderly Parents Transition to a New Home

Carer With Senior Woman In Wheelchair

Transition can be hard on all family members. The dedicated staff at The Scottish Home and the Caledonian House can help you every step of the way. Because of our continuum of care, we can suggest which of our living options will be the most comfortable for your family member. We will help them make their new house a home.

Welcoming Family

It can be a difficult decision to move a loved one into a new home. Family members need to feel confident with their choice and feel assured that their loved one is happy and cared for. There are things that family members can do to make the transition more smooth.

  • Join us for meals – we have several dining rooms and private areas for special celebrations
  • Get to know and share with staff – at the Scottish Home, the staff becomes extended family to our residents
  • Stay in our guest rooms – residents love having visitors just like they would at home
  • Bring special items – to create a familiar feeling with personal and sentimental touches
  • Walk our paths or visit in our courtyard gardens
  • Enjoy intergenerational experiences planned on the Scottish Home Campus or just bring grandchildren to visit in our many comfortable areas – indoors and out




2800 Des Plaines Ave.
North Riverside, IL 60546
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